Download the EViE 2017 Conference Program here: EViE Program 2017

EViE 2017

Welcome to the first annual Emergent Voices in Evaluation Conference!

Broadening Voices in Evaluation

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jennifer C. Greene

Thank you so much for joining us in Greensboro, North Carolina for the first annual student-led Emergent Voices in Evaluation Conference (EViE)! The EViE inaugural conference is spearheaded by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Educational Research Methodology (ERM) Department and its Graduate Student Association.

This one-day conference was inspired by the Edward F. Kelly Evaluation Conference that has taken place in central Canada and upstate New York (between U Ottawa, U Toronto, Queen’s U, Cornell U, SUNY Binghamton, Syracuse, & U Albany) over the past twenty five years. Last May (2016) we traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with interested faculty and students from the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, University of West Georgia, and Georgia Institute of Technology, to develop and plan a student-led evaluation conference in this geographic region. EViE came out of that initial meeting. While UNCG will be sponsoring the conference this year, our plan is to rotate its location and hosting in subsequent years.

The 2017 theme, Broadening Voices in Evaluation, focuses on diversity and the novice evaluator’s dialogue, research, and practice. Our Keynote Speaker this year is Dr. Jennifer C. Greene, Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Greene’s work focuses on the intersection of social science methodology and social policy as well as aspires to be both methodologically innovative and socially responsible. Greene’s methodological research has concentrated on advancing qualitative and mixed methods approaches to social inquiry, as well as democratic commitments in evaluation practice. Greene has held leadership positions in the American Evaluation Association and the American Educational Research Association. She has also provided editorial service to both communities, including a six-year position as co-editor-in-chief of New Directions for Evaluation, and a current position of series co-editor for Evaluation and Society. Her own publication record includes a co-editorship of the Sage Handbook of Program Evaluation and authorship of Mixed Methods in Social Inquiry. Greene is a past president of the American Evaluation Association.

EViE program 2017

The goal of EViE is to facilitate dialogue as student presenters showcase original evaluation research, engage with a wide range of evaluation content, and network with others in the region. Our intent is that EViE serve as a catalyst in promoting interdisciplinary scholarship between graduate student evaluators. The overarching vision for this conference is to create a professional space that fosters the development of a dynamic and inclusive community of student evaluators in the southeastern United States.